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The Strength of a Nation lies in the Home
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  "Freedom is never more than one
  generation away from extinction.
  We did not pass it to our children
  in the bloodstream.   It must be fought for,
  protected, and handed on for them 
  to do the same.” 

                                      President Ronald Reagan
Protecting the principles of
Freedom through education
Maintaining the sanctity of the
Family through music, word and deed
We believe America's #1 classroom is in the home.

We acknowledge the Family to be the basic core of society.

We believe the lives and dedication of our founding fathers and mothers need to be constant reminders of our heritage of freedom, which was earned by great sacrifice of property, reputation and life.

We believe it is important for the children of America to recognize the guiding and protecting hand of Heaven in the formation of this country and its laws that help keep us free.

We declare the gift of freedom is paramount for the sustaining and progression of family life, and that the blessings of liberty must not be taken for granted and must always be taught and nurtured if we are to remain free.
Sustaining America's history
and its Christian heritage

America's Family Learning Center

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